Tips and tricks for the perfect fire for your firepit

So you’ve booked your tiny getaway and looking forward to going off grid and enjoying some time immersed in solitude and the beauty of nature.

It must be said, that one of the most enjoyable things about a wilderness retreat is sitting out under a canopy of stars next to the warmth of a crackling fire.

But, you’re no Bear Grylls or Outback Jack or Jill and getting a fire started, let alone keeping it going, feels mildly intimidating.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you sorted, and you’ll be an expert in no time at all!

Tricks and Tips for the perfect firepit fire

The Prep

Thankfully, at your Tiny Homes getaway we’ve already ensured the firepit is located in a safe place. But also keep in mind the seasons and ensure that there are no fire bans or high bushfire alerts in place before you decide to light your fire.

There are four essential things you’ll need:

1. Fire Starter
Matches or a lighter will do the trick. These are the most available and easily accessible unless you have a butane torch lighter handy.

2. Tinder
This is fire ‘fodder’ – things that will quickly light – paper, pinecones, leaves, twigs or bark. As long as it is dry and non-toxic.

3. Kindling
Dry sticks or small pieces of wood – softwoods like pine, cedar or spruce are great.

4. Firewood
This is your fuel. Logs from hardwoods are the best and will keep your fire going through the night.

The Fun part

Grab a handful of tinder and place it in the centre of your fire pit.

Next, take some of your kindling and arrange it in a pyramid shape, keeping the sticks as close as possible while still allowing for some airflow.

Light your tinder with the fire starter and once the kindling has started to burn place your firewood like you did with the kindling- as close to the fire as possible. Don’t overload it! Your fire needs oxygen and airflow to keep burning.

Maintaining your fire

Some would say this is highly therapeutic. Keep watch, and every now and then, if your fire is getting a bit low, add another log on, or if the firewood is not catching well, add tinder or more kindling to help it along.

Stoke the coals with a stick and move it around to keep the airflow going through and allowing the logs to burn.

Putting the fire out

The fire has mellowed out and you’ve been suppressing a few yawns, so it’s time to call it a night.

Simply sprinkle some water onto the remaining flames until it is reduced to embers and grab a shovel or stick and toss it around till it dies out completely and is cool to touch. Don’t forget to dispose of the ash and coals appropriately.

Now you’re ready to do it all again the next night!

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Jess – January 2022

If you are looking for an escape, to switch off from the business of the world, this is the perfect place. Wilson's Rest is situated perfectly at the top of a small hill. Your view is of tall mountain ranges, quiet flowing rivers and in the morning you’re greeted by birds and their endless sweet melodies.

Leah – February 2022

What a wonderful location. We stayed at Wilson's Rest and explored the property finding many interesting things, including wombat holes, birds, kangaroos and what a beautiful river. There are so many spots to relax and take it all in.

Lauren – February 2022

The Rapids is wonderful! The location you can’t fault, having the best view of the river making it perfect for swimming and exploring. Fire pit, rapids, sunset and all you need very comfortably. Amazing and highly recommend.

Shea - December 2021

The perfect spot for a relaxing few days away. The house itself is beautiful – the amount of natural light let in is amazing and made us feel very close to nature. Being able to hear the river from bed was also a plus! Would recommend to anyone. 10/10!

Adam – November 2021

Our Tiny House was a delight. You are so close to the water in all of these tiny homes. It's right there! You can hear the birds singing and the water flowing when you leave the screens open. It's like everything you want when you camp without having to camp.

Neda – January 2022

The most serene holiday house we've ever stayed in! The location is incredible right by the river. It was quite incredible to hear the sound from all parts of the house. The house is really clean, much more spacious than in photos and really beautiful decorated.

Monica – January 2021

River Cottage far exceeded our expectations, the photos don't do it justice! The most tranquil setting – it is so quiet at night with a clear view of the moon, it really is picture perfect. Bring a picnic blanket to watch the stars at night, we spotted a lot of shooting stars.

Angela – January 2022

We loved our stay at Elevation, it was perfect. Tranquil. Clean and cosy. Beautiful river and mountain views and nature at its finest.