Seeing Green

When was the last time you took some time out for a walk in the woods or had a short break away in bush surrounds? Turns out, this isn’t just a good way to unwind or unplug, it has huge health benefits. 

In her illuminating book, Phosphorescence, Julia Baird says that a love of nature is ‘coiled within our bones, laced in our marrow and steeped in our blood.’ She goes on to say that ‘soon, more and more of us will become deprived or starved or nature, will spend days and months without glimpsing an expanse of green, a stretch of blue or an uninterrupted horizon, and will surely experience, as a result, a kind of unidentified ache or restlessness.’ 

This absence from nature may resonate with you after prolonged pandemic lockdowns – days upon days within our own four walls, uneasy with the amount of time in front of screens and restricted movement. Plus, with more of us residing in sprawling urban cities with fast-paced, plugged-in lifestyles we are increasingly suffering from fatigue, poor sleep quality, forgetfulness, physical pain, and sore throats which also increase the risk of infection and reduces the capacity of the immune system.

But there’s a simple way to regain some well-being and balance in our physical and mental health. It’s called ‘forest bathing’. 

‘Forest bathing’ (Shinrin-yoku) was a term coined in 1982 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. It speaks to a therapy that awakens the five senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste) that is found when someone spends time ‘soaking’ in nature. 

When you spend time ‘seeing green’, surrounded by towering trees, catching the scent of eucalyptus, or pine, hearing the crackling of the undergrowth beneath your feet, listening to birdsong and feeling the rough wood of an aged gum against your palm, something extraordinary takes place within you. 

Exposure to a forest environment has been found to produce wonderful benefits including, enhancing immunity, supporting the treatment of chronic disease, regulating mood and reducing anxiety and depression. And if you want to take it further, exercise and meditation in a green environment enhance these advantages as well. 

So next time you’re planning a little getaway, consider a location off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Promise you, that it will do wonders for you, body and soul. 


Jess – January 2022

If you are looking for an escape, to switch off from the business of the world, this is the perfect place. Wilson's Rest is situated perfectly at the top of a small hill. Your view is of tall mountain ranges, quiet flowing rivers and in the morning you’re greeted by birds and their endless sweet melodies.

Leah – February 2022

What a wonderful location. We stayed at Wilson's Rest and explored the property finding many interesting things, including wombat holes, birds, kangaroos and what a beautiful river. There are so many spots to relax and take it all in.

Lauren – February 2022

The Rapids is wonderful! The location you can’t fault, having the best view of the river making it perfect for swimming and exploring. Fire pit, rapids, sunset and all you need very comfortably. Amazing and highly recommend.

Shea - December 2021

The perfect spot for a relaxing few days away. The house itself is beautiful – the amount of natural light let in is amazing and made us feel very close to nature. Being able to hear the river from bed was also a plus! Would recommend to anyone. 10/10!

Adam – November 2021

Our Tiny House was a delight. You are so close to the water in all of these tiny homes. It's right there! You can hear the birds singing and the water flowing when you leave the screens open. It's like everything you want when you camp without having to camp.

Neda – January 2022

The most serene holiday house we've ever stayed in! The location is incredible right by the river. It was quite incredible to hear the sound from all parts of the house. The house is really clean, much more spacious than in photos and really beautiful decorated.

Monica – January 2021

River Cottage far exceeded our expectations, the photos don't do it justice! The most tranquil setting – it is so quiet at night with a clear view of the moon, it really is picture perfect. Bring a picnic blanket to watch the stars at night, we spotted a lot of shooting stars.

Angela – January 2022

We loved our stay at Elevation, it was perfect. Tranquil. Clean and cosy. Beautiful river and mountain views and nature at its finest.